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Deliver academic applications to every student and faculty device in the cloud.

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Supports HTML5, PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chromebook.
Run in the cloud, with on-prem servers, or natively on PCs.

Learning happens everywhere.

Now students and faculty can use apps everywhere their academic journey takes them.

Distance, blended, and one-to-one learning blend seamlessly with the virtual campus environment.

With a consistent experience across locations and devices, the Digital Workspace is always available — on campus or online.

Better experience. Lower cost.

Hybrid, elastic architecture minimizes costs while providing
virtually unbounded scaleability.
Reduce or eliminate legacy lab devices.
Migrate administration and datacenter operations to the cloud.
Outsource application packaging, updates, and patching.
Centrally manage application entitlements, distribution, and licensing.
Authenticate with existing Active Directory, Azure AD, OAuth, SAML 2.0, and LDAP directory services.
Elastic architecture scales up and down as required, minimizing infrastructure costs.
Use local file storage or connect cloud providers such as OneDrive.
Print to local and network printers or save with integrated PDF support.
Share local network resources or tunnel to on-premises servers.

1000s of apps, ready to deploy.

The Hub offers instant access to thousands of applications covering for all major fields of study.

Easy-to-use tools allow combining of applications and components to create lab environments or deploy custom applications.

Over 500,000 students access applications with Turbo.

Universities across the globe are modernizing application access.
"You guys are legends. We have containerized hundreds of applications. I am continually amazed at how flexible the Turbo platform is. The number of variations and combinations is mind blowing."
Griffith University