Eliminate XenApp Silos with Containers

Turbo containers let you run all your application, browser, and runtime environments on a single XenApp server with no installs.

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Our approach enables you to:

  • Increase server density and simplify management by eliminating silos
  • Run legacy browsers and plugins side-by-side in a single user session
  • Continue using legacy desktop applications on Windows Server 2012 and 2016

Publish Turbo applications directly into Citrix StoreFront

Dramatically reduce the cost of operating Citrix by retiring legacy Citrix environments and deploying all applications onto a single base image.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who's Using Turbo?

Thousands of the world's most effective organizations empower their people with Turbo.net.
"You guys are legends. We have containerized hundreds of applications. I am continually amazed at how flexible the Turbo platform is. The number of variations and combinations is mind blowing."
Griffith University
“In less than a week, we had four of our most challenging systems migrated to Turbo containers. Not only did this provide us with a more secure desktop environment, but simplified desktop configuration and overall user experience.”
Leon County Office of Information Technology
“We moved our district’s Oracle Hyperion deployment to Turbo Containers. The users are happy and most are unaware anything changed — just that everything magically works.”
Loudoun County Public Schools